Friday, October 3, 2008

¿more haste, less speed?

today it dawned on me, in that very real, before sunrise, whisperings of activity on the edge of consciousness.

semi-mystical clarity, precise words falling perfectly into place in that usually befuddled existence between sleep and not quite asleep.

as the dawning came into a realisation that it had to be now, it was meant to be today and there´s no time to wait - I made my first mistake.

I didn´t search with fingertip-guided accuracy for the pencil in the drawer next to my bed... I didn´t scrabble through the expired flyers looking with mole eyes to find one unscribbled on...

no. I checked for the flickering lights of life in the modem, left the comfort of pillows and duvets, wrapped myself up in my "I´m clearly not" dressing gown and went into the living room.

living room, not sleeping room. mmm, that does explain itself well, little room for doubt there. I pressed the cute little round button on the minimac and a second or two later "BRRRNNNN".

I should have known then and there that that little sound had gone and torn it... clearly it´s as good as an alarm clock... hang on, it IS an alarm clock... it´s telling the computer to be, be awake, be! function for me!

but I blundered on: log in, now must set up blog, blog where? search, search blog in emails, search friend´s blogs, search blog in search box, is that the same as that one, two names, are they the same?

who is master, who is slave? the computer remains innocently impassive, just here at your beck and call, nothing more...

and here I am with the sunlight of the cyberworld reflected on my face, and all those little words whispered this morning have all but been erased.

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