Friday, October 17, 2008

Freud Quiere Levantase y Bailar con el Viejo Leon Cobarde

domingo 19 octubre 2008, 18h
sunday 19 october 2008, 6pm (Central European Time)

Un concierto virtual dentro del Parashuts studio en
A virtual concert from Parashuts studio at

or if you don´t understand Spanish/Catalan try to see the streaming directly here: COMAFOSCA TV



17-18 Octubre, un fin de semana para pensar y actuar
17-18 October, a weekend to think and act against poverty and inequality

15 Octubre blog contra la Pobreza
15 October : blog awareness on poverty

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Jacob Tischer said...

Hey debaixa,

sorry, I have just seen your comment now. Yeah, sure I would like to comment on my feelings about Darwins Nightmare - but, you know, I don't speak Spanish (nor Catalan) and I didn't find a "leave comment"-like button on your parashuts-page with the post on Darwins Nightmare.
I don't really have time now, but on the weekend I could send you a comment. Would that be ok for you? just email me:, since I do not frequent blogs that often.

All the best, hope the dialogue on Blog Action Day was a success despite my absence :)