Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kroonos team in Kiva

Well it´s all getting very interconnective as I´ve now created a team in Kiva, the micro-credit lending website, for Kroonos, the time bank I´m participating in. As an incentive I´ve offered an hour of credit (hours are the currency in this barter system) to the first 10 loans made by members of the Kroonos team. I´ve also had a bash at translating instructions on how to do it into Spanish. Kroonos is currently being translated into English, so watch out world, interesting changes are afoot! When I get back from NZ you´ll get to hear more about my experiences in Kroonos so far!

Here are the villagers from Cambodia who I´ve loaned to through the Kroonos team (click on the photo to find out more):

Other good news from Kiva is that they´ve reached $50 million in loans, and my first loans are being paid back (see the earlier article for details). I´ve made two more loans (it gets radically addictive - I don´t go shopping very often!), one in Cambodia (above) and the other in Benin, next to Nigeria (below). The plan is I´ll be able to put the $100 back into circulation helping other mini-entrepreneurs in developing countries. That´s the kind of cash flow I like to see!

This is Félicienne, a vegetable cultivator and mother of 6, with three kids in school. Every year the river floods the land she farms and they have to buy food for the family. She plans to use the loan to grow food on 1 hectare of land, which in turn will increase her reserves after the harvest.

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